Added a Table of Contents

Not a big deal, but I just added a “Table of Contents” page to my blog to make finding older articles much easier.

I noticed most of my posts are quite lengthy, and it can take a bit of searching/clicking to find an older entry. So unless you happen to recall the ‘month/year’ it was published, which I don’t even remember that, then hopefully this will help.

Really simple, and looks just like this:

My hopes are that this will aid in making some posts easier to find (such as ones about InnoDB Recovery, Recovery with an Individual .ibd, Proxy-related articles, Error-related articles, How-to posts, and so forth).

You can see the full “table of contents” here:

Happy reading :)


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2 Responses to “Added a Table of Contents”

  1. Cédric says:

    Hi Chris, great idea !

  2. chris says:


    Many thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)

    I’ve been enjoying your posts as well .. .. for anyone else out there reading along. :)

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