InnoDB Plugin Version Numbering in MySQL and MariaDB

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve maintained a list of all InnoDB Plugin versions as they’ve historically contained a different version (entirely different numbering scheme) than the MySQL distribution they were included with.

This list was most helpful for troubleshooting various InnoDB issues when the plugin may (or may not) have been involved, and/or for benchmarking, etc. And it’s fair to say it was more useful when the InnoDB plugin was not the mainstream, which it is now.

However, with the latest releases, in MySQL and MariaDB, the “InnoDB Version” simply matches the “MySQL Version”. These “latest releases” include: MySQL 5.6.10, MySQL 5.5.30, MySQL 5.1.68, and MariaDB 5.5.30

Of course this isn’t the most newsworthy story, but having maintained this “list” the past couple/few years, I was happy to see the change, and at least wanted to mention it.

There won’t be a need for me to further update the page, but it is up-to-date now, so if you happen to need to know what version of InnoDB Plugin an older version of MySQL or MariaDB is using, then this page will still be there for you (it’s also in the right-hand column of my site under “Pages” titled “InnoDB Plugin Versions“).

Hope this helps. 🙂


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