Installing MySQL 5.7.1 (Milestone Release) on Windows 7

I wanted install MySQL 5.7.1 (1st Milestone Release) on Windows 7 and test it out a bit, so I did, and since things didn’t go as smooth as expected, I thought I’d share my experience, in case anyone else runs into the same issues.

I downloaded the .msi (mysql-5.7.1-m11-winx64.msi) from (then click the “Developmental Releases” tab) and installed it following the prompts. That seemed to complete fine, which was great. However, that was it – and not in a good way. I mean, the “installer” basically only unpacked the files to a location.

I was expecting the “configuration” tool to run, but it didn’t. It was not installed, and not an option.

I quickly read through the 5.7.1 changelog and found the config tool is not part of the .msi anymore. You must now use the “MySQL Installer” if you want to configure the MySQL instance.

So, I then downloaded the MySQL Installer (

I installed it, which went fine. I then ran it. It would not let me go straight to the “configuration” of my 5.7.1 instance. It made me start from the “beginning”, so-to-speak. It forced me to re-download 5.7.1. Then forced me to re-install 5.7.1 (via the same .msi installer I already downloaded and installed). Then, finally, I made to where I had the option to run the configuration tool. \o/

The configuration tool worked mostly (it created the service and started it), though it failed to create my password and complete the security settings, so I had some manual fixes to perform afterward.

After that, things were good to go. I realize this is just the first milestone release of 5.7 and the first release where the “config” tool is not “included” with the .msi installer, and so there are going to be some kinks to work out. But if you’re wanting to install 5.7.1 on Windows, I hope this helps. And I’d probably just go straight to the “MySQL Installer”, unless you want the no-install version.

For the sake of completeness, I did file the bugs I ran across here:

“Win MySQL Installer makes you re-download and re-install 5.7 before configuring”

“MySQL Win Installer tries to Install 5.5.28 and 5.1.66 when I install 5.7.1 only”

“MySQL Installer failed on User password & Security Settings for 5.7.1 on Win 7″

Hope this helps. :)


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3 Responses to “Installing MySQL 5.7.1 (Milestone Release) on Windows 7”

  1. I have an old blog about similar issues here:

    .. but this is all related to the ‘standalone’ .mis installers. And almost a year old.

    With the very latest 5.6x and 5.7x ‘integrated installers’ I really did not have any issues lately. I upgraded to 5.6.12 and installede 5.7.1 last week and everything went smotth ven though it took some time to wait for downloads of software that did not install anyway (it wanted to ‘upgrade’ my 5.5.70 to 5.5.68 as far as I remember, downloaded 5.5 files but skipped the installation. It should not download of course! But maybe details wre not quite like that – I am not sure today)

    Maybe all the trouble occurs if you sometimes use the ‘standalone’ installer and sometime the ‘integrated’ installer?

  2. I meant .msi and not .mis installer, of course!

  3. Todd Farmer says:

    Hi Chris,

    The standalone .MSI packages have been “hidden” since 5.6, as the expected install-and-configure experience you sought has been migrated to the Windows Installer. I blogged about this at the time:

    The .MSI packages for 5.7.1 were left visible by mistake – thanks for flagging this, it’s been corrected. Thanks also for the bug reports on your experiences with the Windows Installer for 5.7 – I’m sure the team will be looking into them in detail soon.

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