MariaDB 10.1.5 Overview and Highlights

MariaDB 10.1.5 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the 3rd beta, and 6th overall, release of MariaDB 10.1. There were not many major changes in this release, but a few notable items, as well as many overall bugs fixed (I counted 306).

Since it’s beta, I’ll only cover the major changes and additions, and omit covering general bug fixes (feel free to browse them all here).

To me, these are the highlights:

Of course it goes without saying that do not use this for production systems since it is still only beta. However, I definitely recommend installing it on a test server and testing it out. And if you happen to be running a previous version of 10.1, then you should definitely upgrade to this latest release.

You can read more about the 10.1.5 release here:

And if interested, you can review the full list of changes in 10.1.5 (changelogs) here:

Hope this helps.