MySQL 5.5.37 Overview and Highlights

MySQL 5.5.37 was recently released (it is the latest MySQL 5.5, is GA), and is available for download here:

This release, similar to the last 5.5 release, is mostly uneventful.

There was one new feature added (Solaris-specific + obscure), and only 21 bugs fixed.

The new feature is this:

  • On Solaris, mysql_config –libs now includes -R/path/to/library so that libraries can be found at runtime.

Out of the 21 bugs, most were benign, but there was one definitely worth mentioning (because it is a regression bug with performance degradation):

  • A regression introduced by Bug #14329288 would result in a performance degradation when a compressed table does not fit into memory. (Bug #18124788, Bug #71436)

The bug that causes this regression, bug #14329288 (Oracle-internal), was introduced in 5.5.30, thus versions 5.5.30 through 5.5.36 are affected by this. There are some more details, including some benchmarks on the performance degradation, here.

For reference, the full 5.5.37 changelog can be viewed here:

Hope this helps.