MySQL, MariaDB, XtraDB, et al Downloads

Similar to my other catch-all pages on Server Variables, Changelogs, and Documentation, I’ve added a new ‘Downloads’ section.

Basically, it’s just a single source containing links to all of your favorite MySQLs and related products, such as MySQL, MariaDB, XtraDB, Xtrabackup, MySQL Proxy, Connectors and more:

Hope this helps.


5 thoughts on “MySQL, MariaDB, XtraDB, et al Downloads”

  1. Hi Chris

    These are useful lists, I had a similar idea myself once. Why you call it XtraDB? The link is against the full Percona Server. XtraDB is the storage engine inside Percona Server.

  2. Great piece of work Chris 🙂 I am sure person/organization will have a common stop to get these popular MySQL downloads and that you get an amazing insight into download trends! Perhaps you also mention the number of downloads under each category later.

  3. XtraDB is the name for the storage engine which is based on InnoDB. Percona Server is the name for the database server which is based on MySQL.

    XtraDB ~ InnoDB
    Percona Server ~ MySQL Server

  4. Hi Pravin,

    Thanks, that’s great to hear! 🙂

    And great idea about monitoring the trends! That’d be very interesting to see. I suppose a basic stat monitoring program might track the exits (and where to) from a certain page? (Otherwise, I’m not quite sure how I’d track this.)

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