Another Idea to Help Foster a Vibrant Community: Please make all bugs public

Since MySQL recently implemented the following feature request (and discussed here and here) to help foster communication among public bugs and feature requests, and to provide a way to allow the Community to voice whether or not a bug affects them, I decided to file another feature request that I think would even further encourage communication amongst an already vibrant community, and that is to simply:

“Please make all bugs public”

And thanks to the new bugs feature, if you would like to see this implemented as well, please click on the bug link, and then on the “Affects Me” button. Please let your voice be heard. And who knows, perhaps if enough of us would like to see this, then maybe it will happen. 🙂

[Edit]: I just realized Erkan already filed the same feature request about a week ago. So please give his bug the “Affects Me” click, to let your voice fully be heard. 🙂