MariaDB 10.0.17 Overview and Highlights

MariaDB 10.0.17 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the eighth GA release of MariaDB 10.0, and 18th overall release of MariaDB 10.0.

For the most part, there are not a whole lot of new changes to report for this release, but there is a new version of the Audit Plugin and many other engines have been updated as well.

Here are the main items of note:

  1. The new version of the Audit Plugin is 1.2 is included with the following new features:
    • In the audit log passwords are now masked, i.e. the password characters are replaced with asterisks.
    • It’s now possible to filter logging to include only DDL (CREATE, ALTER, etc.) or DML (INSERT, UPDATE, etc.) statements.
    • For more information please refer to the About the MariaDB Audit Plugin page. The plugin is disabled by default.
  2. InnoDB upgraded to 5.6.23
  3. XtraDB upgraded to 5.6.22-72.0
  4. TokuDB upgraded to 7.5.5
  5. mroonga upgraded to 5.0
  6. Spider upgraded to 3.2.18
  7. Connect upgraded to 1.03.0005
  8. HeidiSQL upgraded to 9.1
  9. –galera-sst-mode option removed from mysqldump (MDEV-7615)
  10. mysqlbinlog –binlog-row-event-max-size support added (MDEV-6703)

Overall, there are no critical nor security related bugs fixes, so that is great. As for upgrading, if you’re using any of the above storage engines or the audit plugin, it would be a good idea to consider upgrading (at least review the fixes applicable to you to determine if they will be worth it or not).

You can read more about the 10.0.17 release here:

And if interested, you can review the full list of changes in 10.0.17 (changelogs) here:

Hope this helps.