MariaDB 10.0.20 Overview and Highlights

MariaDB 10.0.20 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the eleventh GA release of MariaDB 10.0, and 21st overall release of MariaDB 10.0.

There were no major functionality changes, but there was one security fix, 6 crashing bugs fixed, some general upstream fixes, and quite a few bug fixes, so let me cover the highlights:

  • Security Fix: Client command line option –ssl-verify-server-cert (and MYSQL_OPT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT option of the client API) when used together with –ssl will ensure that the established connection is SSL-encrypted and the MariaDB server has a valid certificate. This fixes CVE-2015-3152.
  • Crashing Bug: mysql_upgrade crashes the server with REPAIR VIEW (MDEV-8115).
  • Crashing Bug: Server crashes in intern_plugin_lock on concurrent installing semisync plugin and setting rpl_semi_sync_master_enabled (MDEV-363).
  • Crashing Bug: Server crash on updates with joins still on 10.0.18 (MDEV-8114).
  • Crashing Bug: Too large scale in DECIMAL dynamic column getter crashes mysqld (MDEV-7505).
  • Crashing Bug: Server crashes in get_server_from_table_to_cache on empty name (MDEV-8224).
  • Crashing Bug: FreeBSD-specific bug that caused a segfault on FreeBSD 10.1 x86 (MDEV-7398).
  • XtraDB upgraded to 5.6.24-72.2
  • InnoDB updated to InnoDB-5.6.25
  • Performance Schema updated to 5.6.25
  • TokuDB upgraded to 7.5.7

Given the security fix, you may want to consider upgrading if that particular CVE is of concern to you. Also, please review the crashing bugs to see if they might affect you, and upgrade if so. Also, if running TokuDB, XtraDB, InnoDB, or Performance Schema, you may also want to benefit from those fixes, as well as the new MariaDB fixes (139 in all).

You can read more about the 10.0.20 release here:

And if interested, you can review the full list of changes in 10.0.20 (changelogs) here:

Hope this helps.