The MySQL Source is Now Back on Launchpad!

Last Friday, I had posted that the MySQL Source Code on Launchpad had not been updated (or rather not accessible by Lauchpad) in nearly a month.

I had actually started to file a bug report about this, but when posting the relevant links for documentation, I had noticed new information had been posted yesterday (10/10/2011).

Here was the orignal MySQL Launchpad page:

Here is the new message on this page:

“This is the old MySQL server branch and it is no longer used since mirroring setup has changed.

You can find the development head at instead.”

If you navigate to the new page:

You’ll see all of the updates, etc.

Furthermore, if you now issue:

bzr pull

You’ll see a number of new revisions pulled in (I had 3572, for instance).

Thank you for addressing this Mats, MySQL, and everyone else involved! 🙂

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