Tracking Server Variables, Documentation, Manuals, Changelogs for MySQL, InnoDB, MariaDB, and XtraDB

I find myself constantly looking up server variables (and manuals and changelogs) for MySQL, MariaDB, and XtraDB, which versions they are in, and so forth. So I finally created a couple pages which contain the links to all of these various bits of information across the various flavors of MySQL.

I’ve been using them every day, so I thought some others might want to bookmark these as well.

I’ve created the following:

o Changelogs
o Documentation
o Server Variables
o InnoDB Plugin Versions

The Changelogs page contains links for MySQL 3.23 up through 5.6, MariaDB 5.1 – 5.3, XtraDB 5.1 – 5.5, Xtrabackup 1.3 – 1.6, Connector/ODBC, Connector/.NET, Connector/J, Connector/C++, Connector/MXJ, and MySQL Proxy.

The Documentation page contains links for the MySQL manuals 3.23-5.6, InnoDB Plugin 1.0 – 1.1, MariaDB 5.1 – 5.3, XtraDB 5.1 – 5.3, and Xtrabackup 1.6.

The Server Variables page contains the links for the MySQL Server variables for all versions, the server variable cross-reference chart, all InnoDB startup variables, and new MariaDB options.

And lastly, the InnoDB Plugin Versions (which I did mention a couple weeks ago) contains all InnoDB Plugin version information, such as which InnoDB plugin is included with which MySQL release, as well as links to changelogs, and other relevant information.

If you find yourself wishing there were some other links added, just post me a comment and I’ll try to get it added asap.