WebScaleSQL on Windows? I wish, but not quite yet, it seems …

For fun, I tried building WebScaleSQL on Windows, even though it’s not [yet?] a support platform.

Using the following (as I would to build MySQL/MariaDB):

cd c:\mysql\webscalesql-5.6.16
mkdir bld
cd bld
cmake ..
cmake --build . --config relwithdebinfo --target package

I end up with:

    238 Warning(s)
    110 Error(s)
Time Elapsed 00:05:08.53

Looking through the output, the main error is this:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'atomic': 
No such file or directory 

Of course the directory does exist, and permissions are correct.

C:\mysql\webscalesql-5.6.16\include\atomic_stat.h contains the following line:

#include <atomic>

And this exists:


So there must be some reason Windows doesn’t like that include. As far as I can tell, most other includes specify an exact file, and not a directory.

I tried replacing the single include by specifying each .h file included in atomic\, but that resulted in many more errors (776).

If any ideas, please feel free to share. And/or if this is futile, fine to mention that also. 🙂


One thought on “WebScaleSQL on Windows? I wish, but not quite yet, it seems …”

  1. a) This is futile.
    b) You need Visual Studio 2013 , atomic header comes with it
    c) angle brackets after #include are used for the file in include path, not relative to current files directory.

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