Where’s the Updated MySQL Source Code on Launchpad?

I know I’m not the only one to have noticed that all MySQL branches on Launchpad have not been accessible since September 10th, 2011, nearly 1 month.

Just visit here:


You’ll see it says:

“This branch may be out of date, because Launchpad has not been able to access it since 2011-09-10.”

I’d been seeing “No revisions to pull.” messages latley, when running “bzr pull”, but didn’t give it a whole lot of thought until reading the above note on Launchpad today.

Is it due to the recent security breach (where mysql.com was hacked and infected some visitors with malware)? Well, I doubt it since this started on 9/10/2011 and the breach, according to The Register, occurred on 9/26/2011 (some 2 weeks later):


I hope this is not permanent, and/or a sign of things to come.

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  1. Seems to be related to what was “hidden” in the “Old GUI tools repositories on Launchpad” [discontinued] announcement on the Workbench blog (article no longer available after the WB blog moved to a new domain):

    As usual in such a process network infrastructure is being merged to ease managing it. Such a merge is currently in process with the effect that previously publicly available servers are now behind Oracle’s firewalls. From a security point of view this is good news, not so for services that relied on this access.
    […]so we are going to use this interruption of the Launchpad mirroring[…]

    Lets hope this interruption ends soon and things do not turn out as ugly as with the infrastructure for the Hudson project …

  2. Have you filed a bug on launchpad or at bugs.mysql.com, or are you just hoping that this will be seen by the right people?

    I e-mailed the community guys, david stokes and keith larson, but really, the blogosphere is not the place to file a bug report.

  3. @Sheeri,

    I was just about to file a bug on this now, and while creating it, I noticed this has been fixed (looks as of yesterday).

    The trunk had been here:


    But now this page says:

    “This is the old MySQL server branch and it is no longer used since mirroring setup has changed.
    You can find the development head at https://code.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/trunk instead.”

    And the new page lists all of the new changes, etc:


    Lastly, “bzr pull” pulled in 3572 new revisions.

    Good Deal!

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